The original term “stained glass” refers to leaded glass that has been painted and kiln fired as seen in many religious windows. The art of painting on glass is still available at James Thomas Stained & Leaded Glass. Today, stained glass generally refers to unpainted colored glass that is assembled with lead came.

Energized by it’s relationship with light, stained glass is a singularly unique art form, one that is in a constant state of change depending on the time of day and season. At the end of the Dark Ages many new Churches and Cathedrals were constructed throughout Europe. Stained glass became an integral part of these structures illustrating the stories of the bible.

Since the twentieth century there has been a revival of the art of Stained and Leaded Glass. Starting in Europe, then spreading to the United States, many styles such as Art Nouveau exemplified by Charles Rennie Mackintosh of Glasgow, Scotland, The Art Deco designs of Frank Lloyd Wright the Mission Style of Green and Green as well as the beautiful realism of L.C. Tiffany have been an influence on many current stained and leaded glass designs.

Today, the art of creating beautiful, hand-crafted Stained and Leaded glass continues at James Thomas. We pride ourselves on our unique custom designs and attention to detail.

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