James Thomas Stained & Leaded Glass

We offer a variety of services to fill your design needs.

Custom Window Design

Our Designer Dawna Miceli brings to every project her vast knowledge of architectural and historical styles, along with a keen sense of design, color, and layout that allow her to create a beautiful product. We can execute your design, or create original artwork for you.

Design & Construction

Clients are encouraged to participate in all design phases so that they can be an integral part of the planning process. As glass is selected for each individual panel, all aspects such as color, density, depth, direction of grain, texture and vision are considered. We take great care and pride in the construction of all of our leaded panels. All panels are executed with careful thought as to lead size as well as a proper support system for best quality craftsmanship.

Insulated Panels

We can insulate most panels to accommodate newer styled sashes. Our panels can be insulated to an overall thicknesses of 5/8″, 3/4″, 7/8″ or 1″. Please ask for a copy of our shop drawings to assist in the decision as which thickness will work best for your installation.

Residential & Commercial

We work with Designers, Architects, Art Directors, Contractors and Homeowners on residential and commercial applications.

Stained Glass

Beveled Glass

Repair and Antique Window Restoration

We take the utmost care matching glass, texture and color while working on repair/restoration pieces. Our resident artist is very skilled in the art of hand painting and kiln firing pieces as necessary.

Please visit our showroom for samples of our work.

NOTE: most stained glass windows can be insulated (triple glazed).

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